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Andy medium avatar
#1 - 5 年前

Yes,you can change the microstepping though MS1 MS2 MS3 jumpers, you can find these jumpers on the back side. And you can cut one or two or three of them to achieve different microstepps. I already list a table on the back.

Hope you can get it.

easter medium avatar
#2 - 5 年前

Thank you for the quick response. I will look on the back when I get home. Do these jumpers function the same way as on RAMPS 1.4?

jumper Yes/No step size
1 2 3
no no no full step
yes no no half step
no yes no 1/4 step
yes yes no 1/8 step
yes yes yes 1/16 step

Andy medium avatar
#3 - 5 年前

@easter yes , same as Ramps 1.4