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SCARA_segments_per_second , linkage1、2(这个是臂长) offset_x offset_y RAD2DEG 这几个参数是什么?
//========================= SCARA Settings ==================================
// SCARA-mode for Marlin has been developed by QHARLEY in ZA in 2012/2013. Implemented
// and slightly reworked by JCERNY in 06/2014 with the goal to bring it into Master-Branch
// QHARLEYS Autobedlevelling has not been ported, because Marlin has now Bed-levelling
// You might need Z-Min endstop on SCARA-Printer to use this feature. Actually untested!
// Uncomment to use Morgan scara mode
#define SCARA
#define scara_segments_per_second 200 //careful, two much will decrease performance...
// Length of inner support arm
#define Linkage_1 60 //mm Preprocessor cannot handle decimal point...
// Length of outer support arm Measure arm lengths precisely and enter
#define Linkage_2 45 //mm

// SCARA tower offset (position of Tower relative to bed zero position)
// This needs to be reasonably accurate as it defines the printbed position in the SCARA space.
#define SCARA_offset_x 100 //mm
#define SCARA_offset_y -56 //mm
#define SCARA_RAD2DEG 57.2957795 // to convert RAD to degrees

#define THETA_HOMING_OFFSET 0 //calculatated from Calibration Guide and command M360 / M114 see picture in
#define PSI_HOMING_OFFSET 0 // calculatated from Calibration Guide and command M364 / M114 see picture in

//some helper variables to make kinematics faster
#define L1_2 sq(Linkage_1) // do not change
#define L2_2 sq(Linkage_2) // do not change

//========================= SCARA Settings end ==================================

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